Business 'a'gility - Outside of IT?!

Business 'a'-gility...

Per a blog I contributed to:

Anthony Register, a business agility coach located in Charlotte, North Carolina, has incorporated Kanban as part of an initiative to help enable the business to become more responsive and nimble. The company operates within a highly regulated utility and energy sector. Software delivery is only part of the effort. Kanban has been applied in several non-IT areas such as helpdesk support, HR, field operations, and infrastructure.

Prior to implementing Kanban as part of the Agile transformation, teams were siloed and had little visibility into the work flow. Customer focus and transparency were lacking. Kanban unlocked productivity and cost-savings benefits, Anthony says. “True visibility into the knowledge work unveiled continuous improvement opportunities that were implemented by the individual teams (empowerment) to improve workflow. Flow issues were identified and better understood through the simple visibility of the work on the Kanban board,” Anthony explains. “The teams were able to better understand the value of Work in Process (WiP) limits to improve getting things done (not a bunch of stuff being worked on). On a more personal note, I observed the formation of team chemistry, team happiness, and team engagement on the more successful teams.”