Growth and Fixed Mindset

So again my son was looking over my shoulder (I need to be careful) and observed my presentation slide showing Growth and Fixed mindset comparison. 

Son: "Dad! We learned about growth and fixed mindsets at school (in 2nd grade)!"

Me: (Eagerly surprised) "You did?! Tell me about it. I'm very interested."

Son: "Well, for example, when we miss a question on a test or paper we have two options we can think about. One is, wow, I missed this one. Darn. How can I learn from it so I don't miss it again? That's a growth mindset, the one we want. Or we can go man, this is a hard question. Too tough for me. Oh well. Let's forget about it. That is the fixed mindset. We don't like that option." (Walks out of the room to play a video game.)

Me: "Wow." (mic drop sound)

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