Art of Agility



"Become Agile, then go Agile."

Anthony Register is a purpose driven enthusiast for the Agile mindset of “becoming Agile” through behavioral evolution complemented by process change. Holistic Agile or Organizational Agility applies to every discipline within an organization. He engages technology teams, field operations, business operations, and HR teams  by anchoring on the fundamental Agile values and principles. Anthony demonstrates coaching and servant leadership skills to inspire self-organizing, engaging teams. He builds cross-organizational relationships that brings together people with shared Agile passions and interests in the Agile practices. Anthony continuously engages in Agile based training opportunities, certifications, conferences, user groups, and networking opportunities to continue learning and to help others learn. His reward is realized through coaching Agile teams to self-organization, team empowerment, and ultimately team driven success.  Anthony enjoys helping others in the community seeking employment and by teaching  university students the agility mindset as they prepare to enter their professional careers.


Industry Experience:

  • Agile Coach, Trainer, Scrum Master, and Agile Leader.
  • Engages Operations Teams, HR Teams,  Product teams, and Technology Teams with the Agile mindset and practices.
  • Provides workshops and training to colleges and universities. (Duke University, UNCC)
  • 10+ Years Agile Scrum & Kanban Experience - Technology, Operations, HR, etc.
  • 15+ years information technology experience
  • Retail, DOT, Cable, Telecommunications, and Energy
  • Experienced software developer, technology manager, and application portfolio manager. (Duke Power, ChoicePoint, LexisNexis, Time Warner Cable, Lowe’s Inc., Duke Energy)
  • United States Navy - Nuclear Reactor Operator - Submarine Force - USS Batfish SSN 681